China UnionPay

Supporting China’s only domestic bankcard organisation enables your business to accept e-payments from the largest market in Asia.

China UnionPay (CUP) is the only interbank network that links all the ATMs of all the banks throughout China. The CUP debit card is also the main payment method throughout the country. With RPNpay you get unprecedented access to the market.

China UnionPay processing features:

  • No surcharges, downgrade fees or non-qualified charges
  • No max. limit on purchases from UnionPay Debit Card holders
  • Secure PIN authorisation with premium fraud protection
  • Uses bank’s official payment page
  • Real-time updating of all accounts
  • Supports all major banks in China
  • Fastest possible settlement terms

The user experience

Here is a summary of the journey your customer will be taken on when they use China UnionPay with RPNpay.

  • Deposits method screen
    • User selects UnionPay
    • User selects their bank
    • User inputs deposit amounts
  • E-banking redirect screen
    • Users are redirected to their selected bank page with the deposit amount entered on the previous (Deposits) page
    • User enters their password and completes the transaction with the 2 Factor USB supplied by their bank
  • Mobile solution screen

    Users are required to provide

    • UnionPay account number
    • Mobile phone SMS verification number
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